Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Bag

For some crazy reason I decided to make my own diaper bag. It took me 22 hours from start to finish, with many, many, MANY interruptions. The next one I make should take me half as long, if not less, since I now know what I'm doing and I've learned how the best way to make it is, which is NOT how the directions say. And I know NEVER to use VINYL. It's very hard to sew with. I had to look up a lot online how to do certain things. Thank goodness for youtube.

Now I'm excited to start on my next project.

You can find some of the fabric I used here: Pooh Patchwork Characters Fabric

This is the front. I altered the pattern a little by adding a long pocket on the back and another pocket inside.

I got a lot of deals when I went shopping for the fabric, so after it was all done, it cost: $10.30.
main fabric: $3.75
vinyl: $0.66
pockets: $1
pocket magnets: $1.39
webbing: $1
pattern: $1.50
zipper: $1