Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Singer CE250 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

I am waiting until I get a new sewing machine to make any new projects. I found an excellent deal on a Singer CE250 fully loaded with extras for a better price than at Joann's. Basically, I will be getting over $1500 of free embroidery software to go with it, plus $126 of free products such as thread, stabilizers, and scissors. With my $100 off coupon, I will be getting the machine and all the freebies for $900, which is the normal cost for the machine alone. I am really excited about getting started with embroidery. I can get creative and make some really cool things. I've been dreaming about this all week since I found the machine.

First I was going to get the Brother SE350 for $380 at WalMart, but then I found out that in order to download new designs, I would have to spend $130. All the designs inside the machine are copyrighted, so I would not be able to use them on things that I plan on selling. Then in order to make any image, such as clipart or a photograph of my own, I would have to purchase software that costs $800. Even if I were to get the off-brand of that software, it would be expensive. I think it was about $300 for the basic software, then an additional $50 for each "add-on" such as creating embroidery from your own font or clipart, etc. So by the time I bought everything for it, It would have been more than the Singer that I found later.

The Singer has a usb port to hook up directly with my computer, so I can download any design onto the machine. It also comes with the software to create my own image out of whatever I want (which is normally included with the Singer CE250, but not the CE150). The software that is included with this great package that I found, allows me to use font from my computer to make my designs, convert any image to cross-stitch, convert photographs into embroidery, edit and design my own designs, and has 3900 designs that I can use that are not copyrighted, so I can use them on anything that I sell (I contacted Singer to find this out for sure). Any image I get from Singer is not copyrighted.
I'm just so excited!