Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diaper Bag and Blanket Sewing Tutorial

My sister-in-law is having a baby in May, so I made her a diaper bag and blanket. I embroidered her baby's name, Ian, on the blanket. I went through 5 sewing needles before I finally got my sewing machine figured out. I had just bought a new sewing machine that does embroidery, and it was a pain getting it adjusted right. I was about to get rid of it. Then I started sewing with it and it worked like a dream. It put my old sewing machine to shame.

Pooh fabric used: Pooh Nursery Character Patch Fabric  

I took pictures of each step for the diaper bag:

1. Front pockets. I used denim to help support them since the magnetic snaps are so strong. Right side to right side, I sewed the edges, all but the top. Then I put the magnets on.

2. Then I lined up the pockets to the front of the diaper bag, upside down as they would be if they were open. Then I sewed them.

3. Next I sewed the pocket piece together, front with lining, then folded in half and ironed. The honey pots fabric is the lining.

4. Then I used the idea from a purse that I had made, to make the front contrast color for the bottom.

5. I sewed the two identical pieces together and folded the edge slightly and ironed so that the seam wouldn't show on the outside.

6. Then I matched up where the pocket would snap, put disappearing ink on the snap, then pressed the snap down.

7. I cut out little pieces of denim to help support the other side of the snaps. I put interfacing on it, then ironed it onto the back.

Here's the other snap in place.

Here's the back.

8. Then I ironed the pockets down.

9. Then I sewed the front band on. The front is done.

10. Now for the top. These are the pieces where the zipper is sewed. I folded the inside of each one about a centimeter and ironed.

11. The zipper was a little hard to sew since I was trying to make it as close as I could without it being too close.

12. Then I sewed the top to the sides and bottom.

13. Then, right side to right side, like a box, I sewed the top/sides/bottom piece to the front.

14. These straps were the hardest. I will never make a bag with these kind of straps again. I had to sew the pieces together, right sides together, then flip it right side out.

15. Then I had to fold the straps about a centimeter inside on each side, then folded parts together, iron, and sew along the edge.

16. Then I sewed the straps on.

17. Then I made the inside pocket. Sew right sides together, leaving room to flip it inside out . . .

18. Then sew "darts" on one of the sides to make room for a little give to place something like a cell phone in it.

19. Then pin the pocket in place, and sew.

20. Then I made the other inside pocket, placing the darts one on each side.

21. Now for the lining. Same steps for the lining as with the outside of the bag, except for the pockets and straps.

And here's the finished lining.

22. Lining all pinned to the outside, ready to sew.

And voila! It's done.

I added a bee that had been from a bassinet that I no longer had. I tied it to the zipper, which went perfect with it.
And here's Ian's blanket . . .