Monday, August 23, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kids Purple-Haired Reroot

I am excited to present my newest reroot. This is actually my third reroot, but I haven’t posted my others. This was a request from a friend. I’m not quite done with her, but I was anxious to post some pics.


After her haircut:

Miss Baldie with her zit cream: (I used needle nose pliers to pull the hair out from the inside. The hair closest to the neck was really difficult to get to, so I used a doggie flea comb to get it out and it worked great. It took me about 4 hours from start to finish of cutting the hair and pulling it out.)


Some front loops: (It took me about 4 hours to do the loops).

Got the first row for pony tails:

Starting with one of the ponytails: (I really messed up with the part. It was difficult to stay straight since there were already holes there. Finally, I pulled a strand of yarn to make a straight line and penciled the line.):

Almost done:

I am almost finished with her. I am waiting to hear back from my friend to see if she wants these loops, or if she wants me to cut them, or if she wants me to add more and cut them to make a Lion’s Mane. It took me three days to reroot the pony tails part of the hair, working about 3-4 hours each day.
Some things I learned from this reroot:
1) It’s easier to work outside since it’s well lit and I can see the holes better.
2) Don’t tie the inner strands from the loops until I have them ALL done. That way, they don’t get bunched up and they can stay out of the way of the other holes.
3) Be careful where I put the needle (I poked myself at least three times).
4) Use a strand of yarn or something to draw the line with a pencil where the pony tails divide.
5) Drill the holes outside (it makes quite a mess).
6) When using different colors, it’s easiest to have a needle for each color so that I don’t have to keep taking out the needle and rethreading as much.''
Now I am finished!!!