Monday, January 10, 2011

Abbi is on her way - A "Kid on the Go" Cabbage Patch Adventure

Abbi helped me with the laundry.

Lynn enjoyed reading to Abbi and Paul. She was engrossed in the book with the bugs and puppies and all kinds of stuff.

Abbi wanted to see what she would look like with popcorn hair. She’s pretty cute!
Abbi really liked my sewing machine. She wanted me to make her something, but I didn’t have enough time :(
Maybe another day she’ll be able to come here. Hopefully permanently :)

Abbi surprised Joy with a book that she wanted her to to read. It’s now her favorite book with all the Dinosaurs and interesting facts.

We finished our last day together making my favorite pie—Macadamia Nut Key Lime Pie (altered).

Sugar-Free Almond Nut Key Lime Pie (Makes 2 Pies)

2 premade pie crusts 16 oz. whipping cream 2 pks cream cheese 4 packets Stevia 4 Limes 4 drops green food coloring Chopped Almonds
Juice 4 limes. Whip whipping cream. Add cream cheese, Stevia, lime juice and food coloring to whipped cream. Mix until well-blended. Pour in pie crusts. Sprinkle with Almonds.
Time to say good-bye.
My kids and I have had a wonderful time with Abbi this week. It flew by so fast. There’s so much I wanted to do with her, but didn’t have a chance. Abbi made me realize how much fun I could have with my kids. It seemed like every time I wanted to do something with Abbi, they chimed in gleefully and we got a lot of mother-daughter time in.

Joy giving Abbi one last hug.
Contents of her box before departure: