Thursday, July 14, 2011

Choosing New Bird Cages

Since the birds were all getting on their box and flapping their wings, I knew it was time to get a cage for them. I went on amazon to see what they had and wanted to get one that would be big enough, but that could be shipped the next day.
This is the cage I found, but I wasn't impressed with the quality or design of it. Some of the pieces were bent so they didn't fit together right and there are lots of gaps in the cage where they can get their feet stuck. The measurements say 18x18x60, but they forget to mention that the actual cage where the birds will be is only 23 inches tall. I imagined that the cage wasn't exactly 60 inches tall. I figured it included the stand, but didn't know they'd include the highest pitch of the toy hanger. I thought it'd be at least 36 inches. It's nice of Amazon to pay for shipping to return it to them and I'll get a full refund. That's what I love about shopping on Amazon.
The green perch is made of cement that will help file down their nails. They kept fighting over it, then I read in one of the reviews that you shouldn't have it as the highest perch because they like to sleep there and it's hard on their feet to be on it all the time. So I moved it down and now their favorite perch is on the stick that's the highest.

Baby (the one on the far right) is 20 days old. He is still smaller than the others, quieter than the others, and less active than the others. For being the one who used to be the loudest and stick his little head above all the others when I fed him, he sure has changed. His feathers are very worn-looking, too. He either over-grooms himself, or the others keep picking at him. It makes me sad to think of him in any distress. He finally started flying, but when all the others go out of the cage, he usually stays put in his little corner.

They like to fly in my flower arrangements. I think I need to get a bunch of safe plants for them to be in. They are so funny. As soon as I open the cage to feed them, they take off as fast as they can so they can fly around a bit, then they return back to the cage.IMG_0835
Here’s another of their favorite places.

They LOVE taking baths! And they're so cute.

Their new cage. I thought that the clear Plexiglass would make it easier to take photos, but they keep trying to fly right through it. They don’t like it as much as the other cage, and I thought that this one would be bigger, but it’s actually smaller. They include the dimensions of the roof part that is about 6 inches taller than the rest of the cage and the Plexiglass bows out, taking off another 5 inches from the dimensions. So I sent this one back, too.IMG_0890

July 14, 2011
So I got another cage. This is not typical of me to buy something, take it back, buy another, take it back, buy another . . . I sent the other two cages back to Amazon for a full refund, they paid for return shipping, too. I bought this LAST one from a lady on craigslist for $40. It's bigger than the other two, it opens up on top so I can keep it open for them, or close it up if I don't want them out. They love sitting on the curtain.