Monday, July 25, 2011

Starlings at One Month Old

I’ve had my babies for a month now. FINALLY got the birds to start eating on their own. For about the past week, I've had food in a little dish for them to start eating out of. They would pick at it a little, then poop in it, so I had to throw it away and put more in it. This was getting old, and wasteful. So I thought of an idea of mixing peanut butter and corn meal with their food so that it would stick together so I could hang it in their cage. It worked!!!


New feeding dish. I bought the no-mess feeding dish so that they can go in it to eat, without slopping all over the place and without pooping in it.

I also got them a nifty bird bath that’s not supposed to be such a big mess, but they still manage to get water all over the place.IMG_1109_thumb