Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starlings Getting Ready to Fly

The birds have grown so much. Even from a photo I took last night before bedtime and a photo I took this morning, I can see a difference.

July 4, 2011 – The youngest is 14 days old and looking better already. I have some photos from July 3 on my phone. If only I could find my card to transfer the photos to.

July 5, 2011 – The youngest is 15 days old, sitting under every one. Ever since my son got to him, he’s been so scared and hides a lot. I really hope he’ll grow out of it. I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time with him to get him used to being around people more.

Here’s Larry. I’m sure his hairdo will go away when he gets older But in the meantime, everyone’s been calling him Larry from The Three Stooges.

I changed their box again and since I ran out of the other size boxes, I had to use this one and apparently it’s too short because the curious one that’s always wandering off from his nest jumped up and started flapping his wings.