Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding the Right Digitizing Software

I have a Singer Futura CE250 with AutoPunch Software. The capability to take any graphic image and convert it to embroidery is the main reason I purchased it.  The problem is, it doesn’t do a very good job converting the images to clean, good-looking embroidery designs.  So searched online to find a better program. I like to try before I buy. The programs I’ve found range anywhere from $50 to $2,000.
Here are some samples of what some of these programs can do. There are many more programs out there, but they don’t have trial versions or the trial versions that they have do not allow auto digitizing.

Images Used:
Simple line drawings
110801_040804_27310453snug as a bug

Simple Clipart

Complex Clipart


Software outcomes:I simply loaded them and used the automatic settings on each program. I did have to resize some of them to a more realistic number, such as 6x4 inches. And I had to change some of the PhotoStitch settings to be Running stitch, otherwise it would have showed a black image. Other than that, I didn’t change the normal settings, therefore, the output could possibly be better.
Singer Futura AutoPunch

Using Futura PhotoStitch (Rectangular stitch)

Futura PhotoStitch (Running stitch)

PE Design 8 (by Brother)

MasterWorks Lite

What I’ve learned from using these programs is that it depends on the image. Sadly, there’s not just one program that does an excellent job on all images, unless there’s one out there that doesn’t have a trial version that I haven’t tried yet.