Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starlings at 3 Weeks old

This one is the second youngest. He likes to sing and make noises a lot. I think he'll be one of the main talkers.

This is Baby. I think he's a lot younger than I originally thought, like maybe a few days. He's about three weeks old here.IMG_0915_thumb

This is the second oldest. He also likes to talk and make noises. The two in-between birds are the most feisty, and they're also the most talkative.IMG_0916_thumb

This is the oldest one. He had the hurt leg and crooked beak when I first got him, but you couldn't tell now. He's the leader. Where he goes, the others follow. He's really quiet, like Baby.IMG_0917_thumb

Sunbathing! They love the sun, which is why I moved the cage here. They'd sit in the window with their mouths open, sometimes their wings, too.IMG_0926_thumbIMG_0931_thumbIMG_0954_thumb
I love his little wet feathers after a bath:)