Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Never Get Sick Again

I used to get sick every month. I would finally get better, then two weeks later get sick again. I was “sick and tired” of being sick! But looking back, I haven’t been sick for a while. In fact, it’s been since May 17, 2010 (nearly two years ago!) since I was last sick. So what’s the secret? What have I been doing differently? Is there some magic pill that keeps me healthy?

I have always been a very health-conscious person. As a child, I wouldn’t put salad dressing in my salad because I knew how much fat was in it. I never drank soda pop because I knew how unhealthy it was, and I didn’t like the fizziness. My 5-year-old daughter calls it “hot water” or “spicy water”. But what was making me sick every month?

My husband purchased a book for me, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau, and later I came across a book called The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Robert Young. By learning these truths found in these books and incorporating them in my daily life, I have managed to stay healthy and have not been sick. I am going to name a few of the main things that have kept me healthy, but first I’m going to address the things that are making people sick.

What Makes You Sick

It is important to understand what makes you sick, what causes disease. My Medical Terminology book from college, which all doctors have read during their education:

"All body cells require oxygen and nutrients for survival. They also need a stable internal environment that provides a narrow range of temperature, water, acidity, and salt concentration. This stable internal environment is called homeostasis. When homeostasis is disrupted and cells, tissues, organs, or systems are unable to function effectively, the condition is called disease."

Here is a helpful illustration for the differences of a Medical Doctor and Osteopathic Doctor:
A Medical Doctor and an Osteopathic Doctor both have a fish tank in their office. The fish in both tanks are getting sick. The Medical Doctor gives the fish medicine to treat the symptoms. The filthy water goes unnoticed. The fish die, so the doctor figures they had a disease that was incurable and sets out to find a medicine that will cure the disease.
The Osteopathic Doctor notices the filthy water, so he buys a filter for it, checks the pH balance to make sure it is correct and corrects it if needed. The fish live.
The fish represent the cells in our body. The water represents the fluids in our body. If we are constantly putting toxins in our body and not filtering them out, and our pH balance is wrong, we get sick, we get disease, and some of us die from it. If our body is constantly fighting these toxins and working hard to get our pH balanced, the immune system will not be at its best. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, but dies in an alkaline environment.
Our body deals with acidity in different ways. Some people’s bodies trap the acid by using fat cells to protect the vital organs from becoming acidic. Get rid of the acid, then the fat will go away.

Basic Steps to Getting Healthy:

  1. Get Educated. Research online and read books that deal with natural cures and getting your body alkaline. My blog has some helpful resources on the side panel that I highly encourage you to look at. Buy the books mentioned above. They have saved my life.
  2. Get rid of the toxins and parasites. Remember the fish tank? What’s the point in feeding the fish healthy food and trying to get the water pH balanced if it’s filthy? There are colon cleanses, liver cleanses, gall bladder cleanses, parasite cleanses—just to name a few. Go to your local health food store and/or visit an Osteopathic Doctor. Other names that Osteopathic Doctors go by are Natural Doctor, Naturopath, Alternative Medicine, and some others. Some doctors have websites that will help guide you through the process of getting rid of toxins. You’d be surprised how many people have parasites that don’t even know it. Eating pork, eating meat that is not fully cooked, and not washing your fruits and vegetables before eating them is a good way to get parasites.
  3. Avoid the following:
    1. Food additives. These are chemicals that manufacturers have put in our food to make them look and taste better and to preserve them. This includes dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, stabilizers, etc. These are not natural to our body. We are not meant to consume these, therefore, they are toxins to our body. Toxins are poison.
      Here’s a list of food additives and the dangers:
      1. AspartameThis is a deadly neurotoxin that is found in almost everything that says “sugar-free” including Diet Soda. When tested in the lab on pregnant mice, the babies born from these mice had holes in their brain. I was told by my doctor NOT to consume any aspartame when I was pregnant, but was never told why. For more information, go to
      2. MSGThis is a nervous system stimulant put in foods to make them taste better. There are many other names for MSG and also there are foods that create MSG when processed. MSG causes so many health problems. My mother has ALS and one of the things that quickens the degeneration of her nerves is MSG. For more information, go to
      3. Corn Syrup/High Fructose Corn SyrupCorn syrup is worse than sugar. If you are trying to lose weight by cutting out sugar, you’d be better off cutting out the corn syrup. Corn syrup is addictive and it causes people to gain weight. I have recently found out that 50% of foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup have mercury in them.
    2. Processed FoodProcessed food has a lot of food additives and the way they prepare it, especially meat, is not healthy. Just like corn syrup, processed food has been found to have mercury in it. Watch this video on how chicken nuggets are made and this one, too.
    3. Microwave – How can the microwave be bad, you ask? According to studies, the microwave changes the molecular structure of whatever you are microwaving, including water. It also destroys the protein and nutrients in the food.
    4. Sugar – natural sugar in fruit contains fiber also, so it counteracts the affects of sugar. Processed sugar decreases your immune system, among other things. If you have a sugar craving, take a vitamin C and it will get rid of your craving. Watch this video about the dangers of sugar.
    5. Pasteurized Milk and Milk Products – The process of pasteurization kills all the nutrients, so you are drinking “dead milk”, causing lactose intolerance, allergies, asthma, frequent ear infections, gastro-Intestinal problems, diabetes, auto-immune disease, attention deficit disorder and constipation. Do you know why they have to pasteurize the milk? Watch this video to see the disgusting environment we are getting store-bought milk from. Don’t be fooled by Organic Ultra-pasteurized milk—it’s just as dangerous.
    6. Meat – Most animals that have been raised for meat are fed only corn, thus injected with growth hormones to help them grow. They are also given antibiotics to kill the e-coli that thrives in these animals because the animals are literally living in their feces. Watch this video on YouTube and you may never eat beef again. Kevin Trudeau tells about his experience in his book when he quit eating beef that was raised that way and only ate grass-fed organic cows. Then one day while he was at a friend’s BBQ where they had beef, he got extremely sick afterwards. Watch this video on the difference of grass-fed versus corn-fed beef.
    7. Mushrooms and Peanuts – Mushrooms are fungus. Both Mushrooms and Peanuts have mycotoxins. In a 1979 study, mycotoxins derived from mushrooms were given to mice which resulted in cancer. 
    8. Soda Pop, Coffee, and BeerMost carbonated soft drinks (pop) have a pH of about 3, making them about ten thousand times more acidic than pure water. Coffee is a 4! Most beer is somewhere between 2.5-4.2 depending on the brand. People that consume huge amounts of soda pop, coffee and/or beer are usually acidic and are magnets for most illnesses including cancer.
    9. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) - These are foods that have been genetically modified to either withstand the Roundup sprayed on them, or to have the Roundup inside them so that when bugs eat them, they die. The main sources are corn and soy, but there are many hidden ingredients that are derived from GMOs. We need to stay away from these. For more information, go to By buying these foods, we are giving money to the companies to continue making GMO food. If we all start eating Organic and Non-GMO food they will be forced to stop making these bad foods. Many countries have outlawed GMO food because they know they make people sick. Look up on youtube the video Genetically Modified Food in America Documentary
  4. Alkalize yourself. A quick and easy way is to buy alkaline drops to put in your water, but if your diet consists of mainly acidic foods, alkaline drops will only help a little. You can also drink water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice added. A half of a lime to about 20 ounces of water is what I normally do. Add stevia for sweetener. Also, change your diet to include mostly alkaline foods. Further details are below.
  5. Don’t eat out—or at least limit it and be selective in where you eat. Most restaurants have food that is loaded with food additives. KFC is the number one restaurant for MSG. Burger King is second. Go to for more information.

What Keeps You Healthy

  1. Avoid the food that makes you sick, obviously. For most, this is a major life change. Start out slowly if it’s too difficult for you. Make it a habit to check the labels on everything.
  2. Eat alkalizing foods, such as vegetables. Many vegetables are loaded with calcium and protein, so you don’t have to worry about not getting enough of these nutrients if you have lots of vegetables and little meat. (Make sure your vegetables are not genetically modified, like corn and soy. It has to say Organic or Non-GMO Certified.) Your plate should contain 70-80% of alkaline foods and 20-30% acidic. To give yourself a boost, drink alkaline water. You can buy alkaline drops to put in your water, or squeeze a lemon or lime in your water and sweeten with Stevia. Lemons and limes are both very alkalizing. People have been known to cure their cancer, as well as many other diseases just by eating alkalizing foods. My mother had cancer on her lip for a year and researched about natural cures. She found out that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, so she got some pH balancing tablets at the health food store and within a couple weeks it was gone. NO ONE should have to endure chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer when there is a natural cure. Ignorance is not bliss. Watch these testimonial videos.
  3. Take your vitamins – Not just any vitamins--make sure you are getting the right kind. Some vitamins, such as vitamin E have a synthetic vitamin and a natural vitamin. Make sure you get the natural. Synthetic has been linked to prostate cancer.  Swansons is the best place to get vitamins and is recommended by Osteopathic Doctors. They are very high quality and very inexpensive. Being deficient in a single vitamin could make the difference in someone being depressed to the point of suicide and someone who is happy. Vitamin B is what I call my “happy pill” because when you are low in vitamin B, you could have a a hormonal imbalance and be very depressed. Check the labels on these, too, because many vitamins have GMOs.
  4. Get enough sleep, exercise, and manage your stress. Everybody has different stages of sleep. The most important stage is the deep sleep, which is only obtained after 4 hours of sleep. Which means, if you are constantly woke up throughout the night, say every 2 hours or so, you are not reaching the deep sleep stage. Lack of sleep increases stress, increases the acidity in your body, and causes your hormones to be unbalanced, thus making you cranky, irritable, and if gone on long enough, can make you go insane. Search online for sleep deprivation and insanity.
    Exercise gets the lymph nodes and blood circulating. It also increases metabolism and relieves stress. Stress can also be managed by practicing deep breathing. I recently purchased Theanine Serene from my local health food store and it works wonders.
  5. Get-Well Concoction. This is my own recipe for fighting and preventing colds. When I am around people who are sick, or if I start to get phlegm or feel like I need a boost, I whip this together and it gives me a boost. I have been doing this for two years now, and I have not had a cold or flu for two years. When my kids get sick, I give it to them and they are normally well again after the first day, as long as I give it to them multiple times a day (like 3 times), not just once.

    10 ounces of pure water
    10 alkaline drops
    1/2 tsp. wheatgrass juice powder
    1/2 to 1 AirbornE tablet (cONTAINS SORBITOL AND SUCRALOSE SO I will be looking for AN ALTERNATIVE.

I also have a box in my vitamin cupboard labeled “Immune Boosters” which contain the following vitamins:
There’s lots of other information regarding eating healthy, and foods to avoid, but these are just suggestions off the top of my head. I highly recommend reading the books mentioned above. They have saved my life. Also visit your local health food store. Pretty much any ailment that one has, the health food store has a natural remedy for it. Avoid prescription drugs and chemicals. My daughter had a huge wart on her finger that she kept chewing on. I took her to the health food store and they suggested to put garlic on it. I put a sliver of garlic on it and covered it with a band-aid. Within just a couple days, the wart was completely gone and has never returned.