Monday, March 19, 2012

ALS Causes Stress

This week my sister stayed with my mom and dad to help out. She lives over 8 hours away, so it was nice of her to be with them. I tried to be there as much as possible. I was trying to help my mom. I gave her a foot and hand massage. There’s not much to massage, but I figure every little bit helps. Had she been getting massages this whole time, she probably wouldn’t be in such bad shape. Had she been encouraged, she probably wouldn’t be as bad off as she is.

I’m getting really stressed out because of the way my dad treats my mom. She had been walking (slowly) but when she got in the wheel chair, she said that it lessened the stress of my dad getting upset so she decided to stay in the wheel chair. My sister helped her to start walking again this week. But her legs are just not strong enough to walk much. She can take about three steps before her muscles give out on her.

They are not getting the help they need from medicaid and hospice because they are so worried about money and their things. I don’t understand how anyone would think more about money and things than health. I would sell the house, sell my things, move into a small apartment, and use the money to get the help I need to get better. It angers me that they are putting money above health and life.

My neck and shoulders are aching so bad right now, I feel like a hundred-pound weight is on them. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed out in my entire life.