Friday, March 2, 2012

My New Embossing Powders and Ink

Today I went to the thrift store to see what they had in crafts and found a bunch of embossing powders and ink. I’ve seen embossed stamps just recently on the web, so I was thrilled to find these. Normally they run around $5 each and I got them for $1.75 each. I was excited to try them out and so were my kids. I don’t have a heating gun, but I looked up online and found that you can use a regular clothes iron for it, so I gave it a try. It worked fine, but some of the paper was sensitive to the heat and curled up a little. All I did was hold the paper above the iron as the iron bottom was faced up. The paper barely touched the iron and it took about 10-20 seconds to heat the paper enough to melt the powder. It didn’t singe or burn any of the paper. Some irons may vary. I used Durathon Electronic Iron by Hamilton Beach.

I bought seven different colors, although some colors say the same name but are quite different. They are from different companies, too.
Here’s the photos I got of each color of powder I got:
Silhoette Black Embossing Powder
Silhouette Black {the flash makes it look lighter, but it really is completely black}
Black Embossing Powder
Black {looks the same as the one above}
Gold Embossing Powder
Gold {This one was really fun to watch it change color. When I first put it on, it looked gray, but as it heated up, it turned gold. It looks like it has some iridescent specks in it, too}
Gold Embossing Powder
Gold {This one does not look gold at all. It looks black with silver specks}
Silhouette Black Embossing Powder
Silhouette Black {looks like it has iridescent specks in it, too}
Silver Embossing Powder
Gold Embossing Powder
Gold {This one looks more iridescent than gold}