Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, and Natural Remedies

Medical vs. Osteopathic

The main difference between medical and osteopathic, is that a medical doctor will treat the symptoms with man-made medication, whereas an osteopathic doctor will treat the disease with God-given natural remedies. For instance, if a person has a runny nose, a medical doctor will give the patient medicine to treat the runny nose, which does not cure the patient and most likely causes other symptoms, even liver, heart, or even brain damage. An osteopathic doctor will find the cause of the runny nose—a cold or allergy—then give the patient the necessary supplements to get better. Take depression for an example—a medical doctor will give a patient a prescription that causes the body to produce more Dopamine hormone. But if a person has too much Dopamine, he will begin to have symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. But depression can be onset by not getting enough B or D vitamins, not getting enough sleep, etc. Some people cannot absorb vitamins in their stomach, but can absorb them under the tongue. An osteopathic doctor will study blood, urine, and saliva tests to see what the patient is lacking and how the patient is absorbing vitamins.

Natural Remedies

I firmly believe that with every disease and illness, God gave us the necessary natural remedies to get better. Garlic cures many things, including warts. When my daughter was three years old, she had a huge wart that kept getting bigger and she kept chewing on it. I went to the health food store and they said garlic will cure it. So I cut off a sliver of garlic and put it on her wart with a band-aid to hold it in place and within 3 days it was completely gone and hasn’t come back. Penicillin is a natural remedy made from mold. It has cured thousands. Vitamin C, such as from oranges, are a natural cure for scurvy. Vitamin D is a natural cure for rickets. The cure for being afraid of going out in public, is to go out in public more often because it is caused by the person’s thoughts. Psychological ailments are normally caused by an inner fear that we have created inside ourselves, in our mind, and the only cure is to confront that fear and get past it. Fears have been created by lies and if we can understand and know the truth, then we will be set free from those lies.  What I don’t understand is that every medical doctor has to take Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) when they go to college, and the A&P book lists many, many natural cures for these ailments, which is actually where I got a lot of my information from. Of course, the Pharmaceutical companies pay the doctors a percentage for prescribing these drugs. So perhaps many doctors are money-hungry and that’s why they give out prescriptions rather than a cure. Pharmaceutical companies don’t test a lot of their prescriptions, either. Many of them are out on the market before being fully tested and could be dangerous and even cause death. A new drug that is to be taken with antidepressants was only tested 6 weeks, and the list of symptoms is worse than depression itself. A lot of prescription commercials sound like spoofs that would be on Saturday Night Live TV.