Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is homosexuality okay? Is it natural? Normal? Sinful?

A dear friend of mine posted this photo on facebook:

First I want anyone reading this to know that I am not condemning anyone, nor am I judging anyone.  Everyone struggles with their own sin. We are all guilty of something. Christians who judge others only turn them away from Jesus. Jesus never condemned anyone. Instead, he lovingly told them to go and sin no more. Jesus can set us free from any sin in our life. If someone is struggling with sin, whether it is alcoholism, homosexuality, lying, etc., we should be praying for them.

I, as well as many others, have noticed that there seems to be a flood of homosexuality on the movies and sitcoms today. It seems like it’s being pushed a lot in Hollywood, as to get people more and more used to it like it’s a normal thing. Thus, more and more people are accepting it as a choice of lifestyle as though it is not wrong. The scary thing about that is that once it is accepted by most as a normal thing, then what will be the next thing pushed by Hollywood (or Satan) to be accepted as normal? How about choice in age of sexual orientation? For instance, when an older man enjoys sex with 10-year-olds, or 5-year-olds,  because it’s his choice, and because it’s his choice, there’s nothing wrong with it, according to people who believe this way.  How about preference in species of sexual orientation? For instance, when someone chooses to have sex with an animal? Just because it’s his choice, does that make it right? We’ve already had abortion legalized because it’s the "woman’s choice". What’s next? When will it end?

If we don’t stand for something now, then before we know it, nothing will be illegal. Everybody will be able to do what they please in the name of choice, no matter how wrong or how many people it hurts.
Here’s an excellent example of why our choices are not always right and why we shouldn’t rely on our choice or preference to determine what we do: what happens to people who choose only to eat junk food, food that is bad, food with no nutrition, sugary, fatty foods? They get sick, they feel miserable, they could get fat, and in some cases they die. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choices. God gave us the freedom of choice, but like the food scenario, not all choices lead to a good thing. We need to be mindful of the choices we make and rely on God to help us to make the right choices. God gives us an awesome reward for making the right choice in following Jesus and accepting Him as our savior. Likewise, when we choose to follow Satan and his ways, our “reward” comes from Satan, which is not a good reward. Satan’s path leads to destruction, depression, sadness, confusion, etc. God’s path leads to eternal life, love, joy, peace, etc.

The photo on Facebook bothered me because it is using the Bible to try to condone sin and bashes people who believe homosexuality is a sin. The arguments in this photo are very weak.  Someone who does not have the mind of Christ obviously created this chart. Each and every one of these “explanations” are wrong and judgmental. For instance, “Have fun living your sexist, chauvinistic, judgmental, xenophobic lifestyle choice. The rest of culture will advance forward without you” is judgmental, name-calling, and assuming that being a homosexual is advancing, which resolves that once the entire population "advances" into homosexuality, there will be no re-populating the earth except through science. I thought it was contradictory when they used the word xenophobic when it means “having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign”. The person who created this chart is saying that homosexuality is strange and foreign, yet it is “civilized”. When Spirit-filled, Born-again Christians read the Bible, we have understanding and revelation knowledge, but when unbelievers read the Bible, it is easy for Satan to put lies into the minds so that people will not believe and they become judgmental towards Christians.

My pastor told me about a woman who had the spirit of homosexuality in her and it was very strong and aggressive. She managed to break up several marriages in the church, women all leaving their husbands to turn to homosexuality. I also read a woman’s testimony about being delivered and once she was delivered, she had no homosexual desires at all.

My pastor told my husband about a man he knew who had the spirit of homosexuality in him and he got a sex change with surgery. He later was delivered of this spirit and had no desire for men, but because he had the surgery, there was no way of reversing it. So sad, but I’m sure he had an amazing testimony.

Once, a long time ago, when I was reading Genesis 19 where it talks about the wicked men of the city wanting to “know” the Angels that came to Sodom, I remember reading something about the men being “confused” or having the spirit of confusion on them, which is what caused them to want to “know” the angels. Anyway, I could not find anywhere in my NKJV Bible where it said that, so I don’t know if it was a commentary or a different Bible translation that said it, so I decided to search it out and this is what I found:
This is a very good article addressing a “spirit of homosexuality”:
“Is there an actual demonic spirit of homosexuality? Probably so. I have heard a few (a very few, and I've been involved in homosexual ministry for 10 years) testimonies of people who experienced something like a net of same-sex lust being dropped on them, or out-of-the-blue, overwhelming homosexual desires coming upon them like a car wreck. In those cases, they recognized the demonic aspect and stood against it. Sometimes, people can dabble in homosexual behavior, and this sin opens the door to demonic oppression. Only repentance, renouncing the door-opening in Jesus' name, and trusting in Christ, makes them leave.
But on the other hand, many homosexuals have pursued deliverance ministry, seeking to have "the demon of homosexuality" cast of out them. . . and it didn't make any difference in their feelings or thoughts, because that wasn't the cause of their same-gender attraction in the first place. They were seeking an easy fix to a complex problem, but if it's not the cause of the problem, it won't work. Romans 12:2 directs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, which means changing our beliefs and thoughts (which can result in a change of feeling), but this is the work of discipline. Again, no easy fix.
You ask why people honestly believe they are born homosexual. Well, for the same reason you could honestly believe you were born an English speaker. You've always spoken English, it's all you've ever known, it's the most natural thing in the world for you. The reality is that you, like all humans, were born a LANGUAGE speaker, but being an English speaker was shaped by thousands of interactions with your family and your culture. Homosexuals are shaped in similar ways that started at birth. All people are born to be relational, but some people are relationally broken because of thousands of interactions that are a result of living in a fallen world with fallen people. And different people express relational brokenness in different ways. I think of families where one sibling is gay and another deals with chronic rage or depression. Different kinds of brokenness, depending on the personality and perceptions of the individuals.”
Here is part of a very good testimony (that is worth reading from start to finish)from a man who had the spirit of homosexuality from before he was 12 years old, who is now delivered:
“. . . Jesus started to answer my prayer the next day. I was at another boyfriend's place and I told him briefly about the meeting I'd been to. "Oh I've got a really old church Bible," he said. He brought out the biggest gold leaf Bible I'd ever seen. I had to have a look and I sat down and opened it. The very first phrase I read on the very first page I opened was Leviticus 18:22  'You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination' (King James, 1983, p115).  I was dumbfounded and there was definitely no clause there saying 'unless you love each other'.  Previously I'd read my own Good News bible from cover to cover just to find such verses but never saw any; the devil had somehow completely blinded me but suddenly I could see. Over the next fortnight every time I opened up my own Good News Bible the first page I would open to and the first thing I would read were more verses about homosexuality. This occurred about 12 times over the next 2 weeks with passages in both the old and new testaments. This was no coincidence. It got to the point where I was so convicted I started to hesitate to open my bible. Out of all the scriptures about homosexuality that the Holy Spirit showed me, the one that gave me real hope was 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. It clearly shows that not only is homosexuality against God's will but also that Jesus had set people free from its bondage back 2000 years ago.
Surely you know that the wicked will not possess God's Kingdom. Do not fool yourselves; people who are immoral or who worship idols or are adulterers or homosexual perverts or who steal or are greedy or are drunkards or who slander others or are thieves - none of these will possess God's Kingdom. Some of you were like that. But you have been purified from sin; you have been dedicated to God; you have been put right with God by the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
(1 Corinthians 6:9-12 Good News Bible, American Bible Society 1976)
. . . It is common for teenagers to experience homosexual feelings. Today's western culture encourages them to be open to these feelings and to explore this as a possibility for their own sexual identity. Society now teaches that same sex attraction is normal. However, spiritually what is happening is that the devil is bombarding their minds with homosexual temptation through their own sinful flesh. They can be easily delivered. Some of them will give in to the temptation, have one or a number of homosexual experiences then decide it's not for them. Others give in to the temptation and begin practicing homosexuality to varying degrees for the rest of their lives becoming bisexual or homosexual, mostly the former.
. . . I was glad that I had no choice. I had grown up believing that Jesus is the son of God and therefore if I could choose, I might have felt compelled to choose heterosexuality in practice but burn with homosexual lust in thought; secretly being consumed by homosexual pornography and have clandestine homosexual flings only to afterwards be consumed by guilt. To me that would be like living a tormenting type of hell and one big lie and was something I would never be prepared, to do. I have met men who have done just this; at least until they were in their late 30s or early 40s when they would finally leave their wife and children to be with their gay partner(s). I just reassured myself that Jesus would not hold my homosexuality against me because I had no choice and generally I was a nice, caring person, I would say the Lord's prayer, read the Bible, I had become a voluntary telephone counsellor for a gay counselling service and would try to help others whenever possible.
I was completely delivered from my addictions to alcohol and drugs after attending Ed's meetings for the first few times. I just no longer had any need for them. I had no withdrawal symptoms. I also completely lost my sex drive for about three to four months. During this period, although I experienced no heterosexual feelings, I was free from the lust of homosexuality. It was a wonderful respite which strengthened my faith. After this time, however, my sex drive returned and I again had homosexual feelings, although I did not act on these feelings with other homosexuals and I desperately tried to not masturbate to give them another outlet.
It took about 18 months or more for the homosexual spirit to completely come out of me. During this period I was also delivered of other demons such as demons of alcholism and drug addicgtion, resentment, anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, compulsion etc.
. . . After the homosexual demon was cast out of me I started to test with my mind just to see if it really was gone. I would just think about a homosexual experience to check if the thought would produce any sexual arousal in me. To my amazement it didn't at all. However, I did this quite a number of times for several months until the act of doing so actually started to let the demon back in. I guess I lacked faith and wanted to keep reassuring myself that this was really all real because it was all such a mind blowing experience. Later when I told Ed what I'd done he quickly got it out again.
. . . After the homosexual demon was cast out of me I didn't decide to try to talk and act straight but my manner of behaviour just changed and the obvious physical evidence that I had been gay left me.
. . . Suddenly most women were potentially attractive. But I listed that she should first love Jesus and be born-again, that she would be a good mother and that she would have an occupation honourable in God's eyes; my wife is a nurse so God must look very highly upon nurses and she's a fantastic mother and my best friend. One day when I was praying about getting a wife and going through my list, the Holy Spirit led me to the passage about the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31 starting at verse 10. I felt that Jesus was saying to me that he knows what is beautiful in a woman and would provide me with a wife as such if I just kept trusting in Him and following Him. And He did!  
. . . "Well you've got a chink in your armour somewhere", he said. "The devil knows where you're flesh is weakest and of course that's where he will try to attack you. He's not going to waste time trying to get you into a casino when you've never had a gambling problem, but he will try to get you back to where you have come from." Ed would then deliver me, just as the Appostle Paul instructs in Galatians 6:1. This time the deliverance was very quick and easy because the demon was only attacking my mind and wasn't residing in my heart because of repeated and practised sin. Even now I am constantly renewing my mind recognising any chinks in my armour and letting the Holy Spirit make me more like Jesus.
. . . The devil doesn't hide behind a bush and just jump into you as you're walking down the street. He gets in through the power of suggestion into your mind just as he did the first time with Adam and Eve, arousing the mind through the lust of your eyes, body and flesh. I don't wait until the Devil's got me doing whatever it is he's trying to get me to do before telling him to nick off in the name of Jesus. If you've got Jesus in you you attack him immediately with God's Word and the Power of His Holy Spirit. Unless you read the Bible (especially the New Testament) you won't know what God's Word is and will have nothing to fight with and coming under an annointed ministry as I did with Ed is the best way to recieve ministry and to learn about moving under the power of the Holy Spirit yourself.
When the homosexual demon is 100% gone, you don't feel any homosexual arousal at all...the temptation that the devil is throwing at you is just like water off a duck's back. But if you do feel arousal by thoughts of sexual perversion in your mind then he's already there. Once you have pondered and accepted those thoughts then the demon enters your mind and continues to entice you to sin baiting you any way possible. If you look at pornography the demons will replay it in your mind over and over again enticing you to want more and more until just looking is not enough and you have to do what you have fed into yourself. Once we begin to actually do what the devil has planted into our minds then the demon can move deeper and down into our hearts, where it builds a stronghold within us in our flesh. Praise God that Jesus came to abolish the devil's ways (1 John3:4-10)! I'm amazed that these demons can get such a strong hold on us at such a young age.
. . . If I had not experienced the love, power and reality of Jesus as I did through this man's ministry, or one like it, I would never have become a born-again Christian; I just would have falsely gone on thinking that I was a Christian anyway. I would never have known the difference; that is the difference between what I was as an unconvicted habitual sinner, compared to having my chains freed and bondages broken, blessings restored to me in abundance and the peace of knowing that God is my Father, that He cares for me, loves me, disciplines me, and has given to me the free gift of His Holy Spirit and the gift of everlasting life in His Kingdom. Jesus is in me. Once I thought I was a Christian because I believed the historical account that Jesus is the son of God. Now I know that I am a Christian because I trust Him, cling to and adhere to Him and rely on Him. I don't know in your country how many Christian men and women are like what this evangelist was. In Australia I have only seen, and currently experience, one other ministry with the same magnitude of Jesus' power and compassion and love. I encourage you to ask Jesus to lead you to stewards where you live who in nothing but humility, love and compassion are doing what Jesus said to do. Seek them out. The real thing is so much better than playing church!”