Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Daughter’s Birthday Surprise

Barbie Basics Handmade Shoe Dress
Using Daniel Bingham’s Empire Sundress pattern, I made this shoe dress for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She LOVES shoes. I made the shoe belt to also be a bracelet for my daughter, and matching ear rings. I also made the Barbie’s necklace and bracelet to match. The party’s not until the 15th, so I am anxious to give it to her! She already suspects that she’s getting this Barbie Basics doll because she peaked when I bought some for my other two girls for their birthdays, but she will be so surprised when she sees the ensemble.

Closeup on Shoe Belt/Bracelet
Shoe Bracelet and Earings
For the pattern, I omitted the lining to reduce bulk and just used Pinking Shears for the edge of the seams. I also added the pink ribbon straps, and used velcro for the entire length of the backside. I bought the shoes on ebay for about $1 for 15 pairs. They were too small to fit any Barbie, so they were perfect candidates for jewelry. Overall, the dress was very easy to make, the bracelet and earrings were pretty easy, and the Barbie necklace and bracelet were difficult and frustrating.
I’m ready for my next project!