Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Worse

Well, I made it through Christmas. I went to my mom's after having Christmas dinner with my inlaws. We were only there for a short time because it started to snow and was getting dark. It was good to see my mom.  I got the most wonderful letter from my Mom (typed by my aunt, I assume). It saddens me because I feel like it's her last words that she wants me to know before she dies. I wish she would just get better.

Last Sunday I went to my aunt's to see my mom. I fed her some turkey and we watched some tv. When she opened her mouth to take a bite, her jaw shook. It scares me because I know that when her muscles spasm like that, it means they are getting weaker.  I can not tell you how horrible it is to see a loved one go through ALS. It is the worst thing in the world. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Here's a picture of my mom holding my baby niece a couple months ago.