Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can't Lift Her

I saw my mom yesterday, talked with my aunt about having her come live with me, and we went over her daily routine so I could get an idea about what it would be like having my mom stay with me. I tried to lift her out of her chair. Before, I could do it pretty easy because my mom had some strength in her legs, so she could help push herself up. But now, she has no strength, and her legs are so stiff, that it's almost impossible to physically bend them at the knees. I cannot lift her. So if she were to come live with me, I would have to have someone there all the time that could lift her. I'm just not sure if it's going to work.

My mom was diagnosed with ALS just over 3 years ago. Every month, people say that she's not going to last much longer. Her ALS is so gradual, that it has prolonged her life, but it's harder and harder for her to function.