Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beets Mistaken for Kidney Failure

This last week my mom has been showing signs of kidney failure--red urine, which was later discovered that it was caused by the beets that she'd eaten. Her kidneys are fine. And she's been spitting up a lot. She had been throwing up and couldn't keep anything down, not even water, but now she is just spitting up.

I saw mom and dad for Father's Day.  I asked her if she was doing okay and she shook her head and looked so sad. It's just so hard to see her like this--so sad that she has to go through this. She pretty much slept the whole time I was there. She's been sleeping an awful lot. I talked with my dad, asked him what the nurses are saying, and he said it's just what's expected. We'll be having a meeting on the 19th with Hospice to get some more answers.
Please continue to pray for her and for my family. It's difficult for everyone involved. A slow death continues the mourning over and over. We mourn when we first find out about her condition, we mourn each time things get worse, and we'll mourn again when it's over. But at least we'll know that when my mom dies, she'll be free from this wretched disease and be with Jesus.