Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What an Awesome Find! The 3/8” Felling Foot

I make doll tights and for the 1/4” elastic casing for the waist, it’s very difficult to get the seam exactly straight and look good all around, on both inside and out. When I first started making these tights, I tried to get it exactly how the original doll tights were from the manufacturer, which was overcasting the edge and sewing the elastic directly to the fabric rather than using a casing. So I ended up with something like this:

So then I decided to make a casing by folding over the overcast edge, sewing a 3/8” stitch so that I could feed the elastic though the casing. It was very ragged-looking, not straight, and looked something like this:
I thought of a rolled hem foot. I have a 1/8” and a 1/4” Rolled Hem Foot, which curls edges over to make a perfect hem, like this:
Neither of those feet would work for me because I need to be able to fit the elastic inside the casing, so I need a 3/8” hem. I searched for a 3/8” rolled hem foot and the only one I could find was with a set of several different sizes for $50. I didn’t want to spend that money. Then I ran across a Flat Fell (also called Felling) foot, which I already have. Lightbulb! I got out my organizer with all my sewing machine feet and found my 3/8” Felling foot! I tried it out, and it worked perfectly! Exactly what I needed it for, and it looks so much better!
Here’s a photo of the inside of the doll tights:
I’m just so exited, I just had to share with everyone! Now go buy a Flat Fell (also called Felling) foot today!
The one I purchased was called 9mm Felling Foot. I purchased it for $18.95 plus $1.64 shipping, on ebay from sewingcentralusa.