Friday, November 20, 2015

First Prairie Doll

I’ve began a new adventure in sewing. I made my first Prairie doll! I found the pattern on etsy by Sweet Meadows Farm. I wasn’t too impressed with the instructions, because it’s like she was trying to cram it all onto one page. It was a jumbled mess. She didn’t even have diagrams or steps. I ended up doing the hands differently because the way she had it was so different than what I’m used to—no seams; just trace the pattern onto the fabric and sew exactly onto the lines, then cut it out. I didn’t do it that way at all. I had never even heard of doing it that way, so instead, I redrew the pattern to include seams. Needless to say, my faceless prairie doll came out pretty darn cute. So cute, in fact, that my oldest daughter who is 15 years old, wanted the doll, so I gave it to her to cherish forever, as something her mommy made. And of course, my other kids now want a doll, too.