Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Heart Pattern Review Country Mice Pin Keeps


I made the base using a 6” circle and following the instructions on Fiskars.
I used the Happy Heart Pattern Country Mice Pin Keeps EPHHF-256 for the mouse.  I changed a few things on it.
I used duck cloth for the mouse body.  It was really tough to work with because of the stiffness and thickness of it, but it gave the effect of primitive, which is what I was aiming for.
I grundged and sanded twice to really darken it up.
Instead of sewing the arms and legs in a fixed position, I used buttons so that they can move.  I did sew the mouse to the base, however.
When making the bonnet, it is difficult to get the ear holes to line up just right.  I placed the bonnet on over the ears, then snipped a small slit for one ear, pulled the ear through, then snipped the other side.  I also drafted my own dress bodice rather than making the torso out of the dress fabric.
I couldn’t find Sisal cord, so I used Panacea Products Brown Sisal-50 grams.  I just pulled a few strands and threaded a needle, just as the directions for cord called for.
I used brown cloth-covered wire instead of white.
Overall, the instructions were very easy to follow, and are organized.  I love Ginny’s patterns, and she is a very kind lady.  The mouse turned out pretty cute.  The only thing I would change on the pattern would be to make the head and torso one piece rather than separate.