Saturday, August 27, 2016

Burda 9464 Child’s Overalls Pattern Review

My daughter found some overalls at a thrift store that she just absolutely loves.  They are slightly too small for her and the cheapest I’ve found them is at Walmart for $17.  I thought, “I can make you some for way less than that!”  So I found this pattern (the only overalls pattern I could find) and happened to enter Sewing For Children Contest.
Pattern Description: Children’s overalls. 3 Styles—short, medium, long legs, and 3 different bib pocket styles.
Pattern Sizing: My daughter is 9 years old and is a little big for her size.  She wears between size 10 and 12.  The pattern has sizes 6-11.  I used size 11.

Fabric Used: Corduroy and cotton. I wanted a contrast for the bib pocket. I think it would also look cute with a contrast leg cuff. Maybe next time.
Pattern alterations or any design changes made: My daughter liked view C the best, but since it looked really short, I decided to lengthen the legs a little bit.  I drafted a new pattern for pieces 14 and 15, using pieces 1 and 2 to go off of for length.  For the bib pocket, I used piece #10, the same for the back pockets. I thought it would look a lot cuter with that style pocket.  Since the fabric was so light-weight for the bib pocket, I put interfacing on it.  After finishing it, I didn’t like how big the pocket was. Next time I’ll make it a little smaller.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? For the most part.
Were the instructions easy to follow? NO! They were very confusing. The verbage was as though they translated it from a different language into English.  If it weren’t for the photos, I would have been completely lost.  Not all steps had photos, so I had to figure out a lot of things for myself.  There were steps that I had skipped (not knowingly) and had to complete them later when I noticed that something wasn’t finished, like the sides where the buttons go.  I have made pants before, and doll overalls, so I figured these would be easy.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?   I like how they look in the end, but I don’t like how confusing the instructions were.  I had to lengthen the straps by 4.5” because they were way too small! I don’t know how they figured the straps would even fit.  The waistband also needed to be longer.  In the picture, they show it having an extra seam allowance on each end so that it can be sewn down the sides.  There is barely room to sew it down the sides.  It should be an inch longer (half inch on each sides).
Also, the bib should have interfacing or be double-layered (or both).  When putting the buttons in, even with corduroy, it was very thin and I’m afraid the button will tear the fabric.
*Update* The buttons tore the first time she wore the overalls!
So I ironed on interfacing on the back.  I also cut another piece of fabric and ironed interfacing onto it.  I folded and ironed the hems of the other piece of fabric.  Then I put Heat N Bond between the layers of fabric, ironed, and stitched in place along the same stitch lines as the overalls. Now hopefully they will hold.
Would you sew it again? Maybe.
Would you recommend it to others? Only to experts.  Definitely not for beginners.  So much having to figure out stuff for yourself.
Conclusion: It fit my daughter pretty well, but was a little big in the belly area.  Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be?  My daughter loves them and I was really surprised how well they fit.  Honestly, I was afraid they’d be too small. I washed the fabric before cuttings, so hopefully they won’t shrink on her. One thing I wished I had done is make the button holes on the sides BEFORE sewing it all together.  The cuffs were a little difficult, too.  I folded them with the overalls inside out, then stitched them in place, flipped it right side out, folded the cuffs up, then stitched them in place again.