Monday, March 27, 2017

Telephoto and Wide Angle Lens Reviews

Using a Canon 75-300 III Telephoto Zoom Lens, I took some pictures to try out the Telephoto and Wide Angle Lenses that go on the ends of regular camera lenses.
I have 13E Pro Telephoto Lens, Xit Wide Angle Lens, and Vivitar Telephoto and Wide Angle Lenses.

Standing about 14 feet away, at focal length 75mm:
75mm, 12ft awayWith 13E Pro Telephoto Lens
Standing about 14 feet away, at focal length 300mm:
300mm No telephoto lens300mm Vivitar Telephoto Lens300mm with 13E Pro Telephoto Lens

Then I tried out the Wide Angle Lenses:
300mm No Lens300mm with Xit Wide Angle Lens
IMG_199075mm with Xit Wide
75mm with Vivitar Wide
In conclusion, they are all cloudy at large focal lengths, but the Vivitar seems to be slightly less cloudy than the others.