Monday, March 25, 2019

Using Sizzix eClips on Heat ‘N Bond

I am currently working on a bunch of teddy overalls with teddy appliques and thought it would save some time by using my cutting machine, the Sizzix eClips 2, to cut out the Heat ‘N Bond.  I asked around and searched google, and nobody had ever tried it, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I was very happy to find out that it really does work.

Some things to remember:
1. Make sure you use a new or sharp blade so that it doesn’t tear.
2. Use spray adhesive like 505 Adhesive Spray if your mat loses its stickiness.
3. Place the Heat ‘N Bond with the iron-on side up, and the paper side down.
4. Make sure your paper is cut a little bigger than the area being cut.  I like to make it at least 1/4” bigger at the top and bottom.
5. I set my speed to 5, and my blade and pressure at 3.  Play around with it on plain paper to find what works best for you.
Find my teddy applique on etsy and ebay under cpkdiana.
Download the teddy cutting file here.